Dieser Kurs findet nicht im Rahmen der Spring School 2023 an der Bauhaus Universität Weimar statt. Er wird in die Summer School 2024 verlegt.
This course will not take place during Spring School 2023 at Bauhaus Universität Weimar. It will be moved to the Summer School 2024.

Contemporary MERZ building- Connecting global identities through DADA

MERZ lives and how?
MERZ uses the principle of crossing borders, the abolition of artistic genres to an expanded concept of art across all areas of design. At the beginning of the 20th century, in the sense of Dada, Kurt Schwitters invents his MERZkunst. Poems, texts, collages, assemblages, sculptures and especially the cave-like buildings like the MERZbau make Schwitters MERZ known. Over it he spins intermedial and international his artist friendships and relationships.
In the seminar „Contemporary MERZbau“ we will test how today intercultural ties between the origins of students from different universities can be combined with the artistic methods of MERZkunst to create a three-dimensional sculpture.
For this purpose we collect and research about our own environment and identity. With photos, drawings, objects, text particles… This material and knowledge flows into a concrete artistic exchange. With plaster, wood… and the brought things, information, questions we build together a MERZ sculpture as „Contemporay MERZbau“ in Weimar.

In the process, students learn to explore their own identity and origins. And to reflect with an international counterpart on artistic methods such as text-image-object collages. This perception forms the basis for the joint MERZ construction. To this end, they learn how to work with plaster, wood and other materials they have brought with them.